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Thorpe Cloud
Bunster Hill
Manifold Way
Thors Cave
Walks with Children and Bikes

Level of Difficultly






2 Hours


Distance: 1.5 Miles to Milldale, 4 Miles to Dovedale walking from the farm.

Estimated time: 2 hours - excluding stops


Go past the main house and through the gate to the right of the big barn veer right and follow the footpath to Hall Dale. Take a right when you get to the footpath along Hall Dale - this will lead you directly to the river Dove. It’s about 10 minutes walk from here and downhill all the way! This will bring you out roughly in the middle of the Dale ˝ way between the Stepping Stones and Milldale. You can either turn left from here for the HARD path to Milldale. (Experienced walkers only!). Or further on right you can cross the river to pick up the general footpath along Dovedale. To get to the bridge turn right and it is a few 100 yards ahead. Once you’ve crossed the river you can either turn Right for the stepping Stones and Ilam or Left for Milldale.

From the Stepping Stones – Dovedale Car Park- you can go to the Sir Isaac Walton for lunch then climb over Bunster Hill picking up the footpath for Stanshope and walk back home again. 1.7 miles home (uphill) From Milldale you can walk on the road to the Watts Russell Pub for lunch and then back home via Stanshope. Pub to home is 0.9miles.

If you want to walk to Alstonfield missing the road, take the footpath to Hall Dale (as above). Cross the footpath at Hall Dale and head straight up the hill and pick up signs for Alstonfield or head due north! Have lunch at The George. It’s 1.7 miles home via the road.


Thorpe Cloud

0.5 - 1 Hour


Distance: 0.5 Miles from road, 1/2 mile from Dovedale, 4 Miles from farm.

Estimated time: 0.5 - 1 hour - excluding stops


Stay on the road past Dovedale and you will see Thorpe Cloud on your left. You can either walk this from Dovedale itself, or drive to Thorpe car Park and walk it from there.
Note: Has a steep climb.


Bunster Hill

3 Hours


Distance:1.5 Miles from the farm.

Estimated time: 3 hours - excluding stops.


Either walk this from the house, via the map or the road. From the road head towards Ilam then take the track to your left when you get to the sign for Air Cottage, go to the first Farm (Ilam tops) and take the track to the right just past the farm. This will take you directly to the top of Bunster Hill. Alternatively park in Ilam and walk up the hill keeping the lake to your left. Once you’re up there you can see for miles on a clear day.

If you carry on past Ilam Tops Farm to Air cottage, you will see some fantastic views down the River Dove and across to Thorpe cloud. Take the footpaths right from there and they will lead you back to the farm. (You will need a map though!)


Manifold Way

1 - 1.5 Hours


Distance: 3 Miles round trip to Castern Hall from the farm.
Estimated time: 1 - 1.5 hours - excluding stops


Go across the road and follow the track to the right. The footpath follows a dry stonewall on the right. You will cross another footpath and go through three fields with stile/gates between each. At the top of the hill by a small copse of trees you will pick up sign for Wetton, Castern or Stanshope!

If you turn left here following a track, it will take you past an old disused mine (loads of rubble) and to a nature reserve with wild ponies & fantastic views down to the manifold River and across to Throwly Hall. (If you look closely you can see the ruins to the old Hall) Note the River is dry here as it runs underground and only comes out again at Ilam.

Left at the Nature reserve sign takes you to Ilam via Castern Hall and right at the sign takes you to Wetton, or the Manifold Way via Beeston Tor (famous for its rock climbing & abseiling) and Thors Cave.
For a circular walk from here take the path to Castern following signs and at Castern Farm (before the Hall) turn left picking up footpaths back to the farm.

For a longer walk you can go on to Ilam, then either come home via the Road or for a heartier walk climb Bunster Hill and return that way.


Thorse Cave

3 Hours


Distance: 1 Mile from the car park. 4 Miles from the farm.

Estimated time: 3 hours - excluding stops


You can either walk this from Wetton Village itself. There is a sign at the end of the village marking a track straight to it. Or go down to the Manifold way from Wetton and walk along the track towards Waterhouses (South by S/W) for ˝ a mile then climb the steep hill to the top. This has recently been set with steps, making it an easier walk!!


Walkes with Children and Bikes



The Tissington Trail, High Peak Trail and Manifold Way (above) are excellent for walking and biking. They each have their own particular beauty but all are good for children.

You can hire bikes in Ashbourne (01335 343156) for the Tissington Trail and at Parsley Hay 01298 84493 on the A515 for the Tissington Trail and High Peak Trail. You can also Hire Bikes at Waterhouses 01538 308609(A52) towards Leek, for the Manifold way.

Most cycle hire places have trailers on some bikes, for children too young to ride themselves.

Look on the Map for other good walking areas: Monsal Head: Over Haddon: Eyam Calver Edale Foolow and Abney Moor Glossop Hayfields Hope Valley Hathersage Tideswell – Cheedale- Millers Dale – River Wye Derwent & Ladybower Reservoir Tittersworth Reservoir nr Leek

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